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Preamble The website, subject of these general terms and conditions of sale and use hereinafter the "Website"is operated by Global Digital Média SA, registered with the Genève Trade and Companies Register under number CHEwhose registered office is located at Rue Muzy 9 - Genève — Suisse hereinafter "the Company".

Based on the Website, the Company has developed online dating services for personal, recreational and non-commercial purposes hereinafter the "Services".

The Company provides Internet users with the Website allowing them to communicate with each other and represents a passive connection to online publications, the distribution of profiles and other information for entertainment purposes. The Services do not provide relationship advice, nor is it a marriage agency and the Company does not set up dates for Members. Use of the Services is for strictly personal and private purposes only.

These Services are exclusively reserved for Members registered on the Website in compliance with these general terms and conditions of use and sale of Subscriptions hereinafter the "GTCUS". Prerequisites Members hereby declare that they have obtained from the Company all necessary information regarding the Services and Subscriptions offered and shall comply without restriction or reservation to these GTCUS.

Members may enjoy the Services offered to them on the Website, subject, where applicable, to the payment of the relevant Subscription fees and to compliance with following prerequisites whereby they must: Be rencontres loisirs legal age i.

Definitions The terms defined below shall convey the following meanings for the Parties: Two 2 types of Services are on offer: Basic and Additional Services.

The Members and Subscribers concerned are informed of their main characteristics prior to purchasing a Subscription. Purpose and scope The purpose of this document is to define the general terms and conditions of use and of sale of Subscriptions offered by the Company to its Members.

These terms and conditions have been entered into between the Company and any person who has become a Member. They apply to a Member creating an Account on the Website and to any Subscription purchased by a Member from the Company. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded in the Company's site rencontre gratuit africaine system shall constitute proof of all transactions entered into with the Site rencontre gratuit africaine through the Website.

These GTCUS may site rencontre gratuit africaine subject to subsequent amendments, the version applicable to creating an Account or to the purchase site rencontre gratuit africaine a Subscription by the Member site rencontre gratuit africaine that in effect on the Website on the creation date of the Account or the purchase rencontre algerie avec telephone of the Subscription.

The Company reserves the right to make any changes thereto it deems necessary and useful. Following the entry into force of the new GTCUS and in any event, the Member may waive the use of the Services though shall remain liable for any prior use. Website registration and Account opening 6.

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To create an Account and become a Member, the user must first register by completing the form available on the Website. The registration process via the Website registration form includes the following steps: Step 1: The user completes the online registration form on the Website by filling in the necessary fields, some of which are required. Some requested information constitutes the user profile and will be accessible to other Members of the Service: Step 2: Step 3: Once the profile is correctly filled in, the user validates the registration form and shall receive a site rencontre gratuit africaine email sent to the address he or she provided.

site rencontre gratuit africaine

Once the user confirms registration, he or she shall become a Member of the Service subject to Article 7. Site rencontre gratuit africaine Member who wants to use it must have a site rencontre gratuit africaine href="">gagne ta rencontre avec justin bieber fan2 Internet connection. This application offers the user the possibility of creating an account and of becoming a Member from a mobile phone, for example.

It also lets users purchase Subscriptions. Lastly, the user is offered the exclusive opportunity to optimise his or her chances of finding love by being guided to other dating websites if he or she is already registered thereon or if he or she wishes to benefit from more contact. Should the Member fail to comply with these GTCUS, he or she shall be informed by email that his or her profile was rejected and shall be asked to change it. If the Member does not change his site rencontre gratuit africaine her profile in accordance with these Site rencontre gratuit africaine, the Company reserves the right to reject said profile definitively.

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Regardless of the selected registration method, the Member guarantees that the data communicated during registration are exact and are factually accurate. If these data are changed, he or site rencontre gratuit africaine undertakes to make the necessary modifications to his or her Account directly. The Company is not site rencontre gratuit africaine and does not have the technical resources to check the identity of persons registering on the Website and opening an Account. Purchasing a Subscription and site rencontre gratuit africaine methods 7.

As a rule, Subscriptions to Basic Services and Additional Services are subject to charges for the rates in force at site rencontre gratuit africaine. Prices are expressed in the currency of the Member's country. These rates are firm and not revisable during their validity period.

The price is due at site rencontre gratuit africaine of the Subscription, by credit card, check or bank transfer. As an exception, for the purposes of allowing Members to discover the functionalities of Basic Services, access badoo rencontre femme marseille a limited version of these Services is offered free-of-charge for a limited time period.

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This free access over a limited period does not allow the use all Website features and does not facilitate meeting other Members. In addition, a female Member can be put in contact with a male Member who has purchased the Basic Services, which is free and complete, except for Additional Services, which shall continue to be paid. It is specified that when site rencontre gratuit africaine to the Services is free, whether in whole or in part, the Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of access.

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The Member purchases a Subscription for his or her selected duration at the price displayed online when subscribing and based on the payment terms proposed on the Website and chosen by the Member. Access to the Services concerned by the selected Subscription is due at payment when making a credit card purchase.

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Processing time is required when paying by cheque or by bank transfer; the Services concerned by this Subscription shall only be made accessible after the Company is in receipt of the sums in question. In this second case and when the Services of the Subscription selected are not accessible to the Member after a period of fourteen 14 days after sending the cheque by post or making the transfer, it is recommended that the Member sends a message to the customer service department using the form accessible from his or her account under the "help" menu to which the customer service department shall undertake to respond as soon as possible.

The Company reserves the right to make temporary promotional Subscription offers to new Members or Subscribers for an unspecified period. The proposed financial terms and conditions are exceptional in nature and cannot be the subject of any claim by other Members.

The trial offer is for promotional purposes and forms an integral part of a monthly Subscription. At the end of the three 3 trial days, the Subscription will automatically be charged, unless the Subscriber has previously cancelled it, the procedures of which are set out in Article 16 of these GTCUS. In general, cancelling Subscription renewals can be done pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Article entitled site rencontre gratuit africaine hereunder.

The Member can thereafter choose from one of the Subscription options. Android The Member may create his or her Account under the terms and conditions referred to in Article 6. Said Member shall be informed in advance and through a dedicated control interface about the Subscription price and the various available payment methods.

The Member site rencontre gratuit africaine check his or her order details, the total price and correct any errors before confirming acceptance. Subscribers or Members may order one or more additional Subscriptions giving them access to advanced features of the Website based on the formulas detailed thereon.

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The order process for one of the paid Subscriptions is done in two 2 confirmatory steps: The Member is informed by the same dedicated interface that his or her order has been confirmed. The sale of the Subscriptions shall only be considered final and the contract concluded after the Company sends to the Member the order acceptance confirmation email.

Company Obligations 8. It allows Members to use the means of communication made available to them under optimum conditions.

2. Prerequisites

Due to the nature and complexity of the Internet, site de rencontre je contact gratuit in particular to its technical performance and response times to consult, query or transfer data, the Company shall make its best efforts, in conformance with the relevant professional standards, to allow access and use of the Services. The Company cannot be held liable for the proper functioning of the Member's computer equipment and for his or her Internet access.

The Company reserves the right to temporarily shut down access to the Services, in particular to perform an update, maintenance operations, modifications or changes to the operational methods, hours of availability, without this list being exhaustive. The Company shall not be held liable for damages of any kind that site rencontre gratuit africaine result from non-functioning, inaccessibility or poor conditions of use of the Services attributable to inappropriate equipment, internal malfunctions of the Member's Internet access provider, for Internet congestion and for other external reasons typical of a force majeure event.

The Company reserves the right to supplement or improve, at any time, the Website, the Site rencontre gratuit africaine and the Services available thereon depending on technological upgrades and shall inform the Members of this by any means. The Company shall not intervene directly regarding profile content. At Member registration and purchase of a Subscription, it ensures compliance with these GTCUS but does not check the accuracy of the information provided or their validity and does not check the subsequent changes made to the profile by the Member in site rencontre gratuit africaine.

The Company does not intervene in relations and exchanges between Members. The Company shall take the measures it deems most appropriate depending on the situation. The Company reserves the right to delete any content site rencontre gratuit africaine does not comply with these GTCUS, after site rencontre gratuit africaine informed, conditions permitting, the Member concerned.

Given the exponential number of technological developments, the Company cannot ensure absolute security of the Website or that it does not contain security loopholes.

Member obligations 9. To facilitate reliable exchanges between Members, all Members shall undertake to provide accurate data, compliant with the laws and regulations and to update them regularly.

L'Inscription est Gratuite

Members shall refrain from sharing their Accounts with other persons or from giving access to their Accounts to minors. When registering or updating their profiles, Members must refrain from providing, identification data that is not a true representation site rencontre gratuit africaine the facts or that results from identity theft. The photographs uploaded online by the Member must: Represent the Member exclusively; Do not represent only unrelated elements landscapes, animals, etc.

Members shall refrain from including on his or her profile telephone, postal or electronic contact details. Members shall refrain from sending his or her contact details Skype etc. Members are also strongly discouraged from being filmed by other Members outside the means provided via the Website, as well as from sending money, by any means and under any pretext whatsoever to other Members.

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Members are responsible for the use of the Services and their actions on the Website. Members shall refrain from making any statements that infringe the rights of others or defamatory, abusive and in general any purpose or content contrary to the purpose of the Services and laws and regulations in force.

Members shall refrain from any illegal behaviour or from committing fraud against the Company, other Members or third parties. Site rencontre gratuit africaine general, Members agree to report to the Company any failure of the Services that he or she has found using the "help" menu available online on the Website.

Any behaviour that site rencontre gratuit africaine not follow the rules of good conduct above may be sanctioned per the conditions of the Article entitled "Cancellation" of these GTCUS. Members shall refrain from using an access method other than the interface and the instructions provided by the Company.

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Should a Member discover such a method or if the Member enters a restricted area, without authorisation or inadvertently, the Member undertakes to inform the Company immediately at the following address: In particular, they shall refrain from introducing a virus, malicious code or any other harmful technology to the Website or to the Services proposed thereon.

Site rencontre gratuit africaine shall refrain from carrying out any site rencontre gratuit africaine aimed at saturating a page, rebounding or any operation that hinders or falsifies the Website's operations. Any voluntary access to a prohibited area will be considered fraudulent access within the meaning of the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

Site rencontre gratuit africaine undertake to consider that all the data which he or she will have become aware of during such access to the unauthorised area are confidential data and undertakes, therefore, not to disclose them. Members shall take all measures to ensure their own security, including managing his or her credentials and access site rencontre gratuit africaine that he or she must keep confidential.

Technical support The Company makes available to Members a customer service department that can provide all information necessary for using the Website and Services.

The Company shall make its best efforts to provide Services site rencontre gratuit africaine to all Members under optimum conditions. The Company cannot guarantee an absolute technical compatibility of the features and Services that it proposes since their smooth functioning is subject to the software and hardware compatibility of the computer equipment used by Members. The Company shall inform Members of the minimum configurations required to fully benefit from the Services.

The use of a mobile app dedicated to the use of the Services requires that the Member has in advance a compatible electronic communication device and a mobile Internet connection. Before any download of the mobile app, it is recommended that the Member refer to the terms and conditions of use of the download platform of the app to learn about the necessary equipment configuration. Intellectual property Website content, service names, trademarks, designs, models, images, text, photos, logos, graphics, sounds, videos, domain names, or any other information or media provided by the Company on the Website, without this list being exhaustive, are the exclusive property of the Company and are protected by applicable national and international laws relating to the intellectual property legislation in force.

Members may not use, print or reformat the Website content for purposes other than for private or family use. Said Members promise not to download, reproduce, transmit, sell, distribute or exploit the Website content. Members shall refrain from infringing, directly or indirectly, the intellectual property rights of third parties attached to the content on rencontre femme 47 ans Website and is prohibited from exploiting, in any way whatsoever, the names, brands, the logos, the software, the information and the documents which are generally communicated to it, in the case of executing these GTCUS.

The Member agrees to honour all rights of third parties, whose content is present on the Website and shall refrain from suggesting any analogy in the mind of the public for any purpose whatsoever.

General Terms and Conditions of Use and of Sales of Subscriptions

Members can distribute more widely their profiles containing their photographs on other partner websites by visiting the "My account" area. This license granted by Members to the Company includes the right for the Company to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, digitise, use for the performance of the Services or sub-license the elements relating to the Members regarding the Services, as well as on any electronic communication media in accordance with the Services notably email, Text Messaging, MMS, internet messaging.

Members authorise the Company to change the elements to comply with its graphic charter or to make them compatible with its technical performance or any media format provided within the framework of the Services. The license of use is granted by Members to the Company site rencontre gratuit africaine the entire world, and for the duration of the online accessibility of these elements put online by the Member. Liability and guarantee In connection with the provision of the Services, the Company is subject to a performance obligation.

The Company cannot be held liable for the activities or information stored at the request of Members, except if the Company has been duly notified of the existence of illegal content under the conditions of the Article entitled "Reporting illegal content" of these GTCUS and if it failed to act promptly to remove said content.

The Member hereby acknowledges and agrees that the disclosure of information by him or her on the Site rencontre gratuit africaine is his or her sole responsibility, and waives any legal recourse against the Company, based in particular on his or her right to his or her image, his or her honour and his or her reputation, and to the right of privacy, resulting from the dissemination by him or her of such information, unless wrongdoing can be duly proven by the Member.

The Member is solely responsible for any damage caused by the disclosure of this information. The Member guarantees and shall hold the Company harmless of any legal recourse and against any conviction stemming from a breach by the Member of his or her obligations under the law or these GTCUS. The Member cannot hold the Company liable for any time-lag in the information that the Company has sent to said Member.

Exchanges between Members, profiles, descriptions and other announcements form part of the objective of entertainment and communication.

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The Company is merely the provider of a web platform and cannot guarantee that site rencontre gratuit africaine between Members lead to dates.

In addition, the Company cannot in any way be held liable for meetings on or off the Website or for the veracity of the information provided on the Website. The Company shall endeavour to ensure the reliability of information and data profiles of Members, including ensuring compliance with these GTCUS and the information provided when creating an Account.

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However, each Member may subsequently change some of his or her profile information. The Company cannot guarantee the veracity of the information provided by Members, nor guarantee Members against identity theft. The Company provides Additional Services to enhance the communication features and promote the visibility of a Member's profile on the Website. However, these Services shall be provided at the same level as the Services that would have been purchased by other Members. Partner Websites may be accessible to site rencontre gratuit africaine through hypertext links such as banner ads.

The Company cannot be held liable for the data and information disseminated by their potential business partners.

Reporting illegal content The following information must be provided to report site rencontre gratuit africaine content to the Company: The report date; If the person reporting the information is a natural person: The Member shall report such content by complying with the information referred to in this article by sending an email to the following address: Personal data The personal data that may be collected during registration on the Website are site rencontre gratuit africaine for the Company, which is the data controller.

This collection allows Members to create an Account prior to their use by of the Website and the possible purchase of a Subscription.

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Should a Member refuse to fill in the requested information, said Member shall not thereafter be able to use the Website and may not purchase a Subscription. The data collected is intended for internal use only that is specific to the Company. As an exception, banking data are communicated to service providers responsible site rencontre gratuit africaine managing and for collecting Subscription fees. The Member expressly agrees that the sites de rencontre conseils banking data shall be communicated to said service providers for the sole purpose referred to above.